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For every new blogger having a his new blog is really an interesting experience. You feel awesome when people reads your blog, people comment and you start getting recognition in the blogosphere.
Many people start blogging thinking that they will be the next Darren Rowse or Jeremy or some other inspirational blog in just few days. But when they come to know that they have not really got anything which they expected; they give up!..phew.

So why it is like this?

  • Lost Of Patience
One of the main reason could be that the blogger thinks that the blog will get millions of readers in just a couple of nights which clearly shows his impatience. They just do nothing in terms of blog optimizing or anything else which could increase it's readership base.

  • Being Specific
Second reason could be that they only focus only on one specific thing of that niche. For example a blogger starts a blog on iPod's then he just publishes articles about new iPod's launched by companies.
He doesn't thinks anything other than that and when there is nothing to share about any new Ipod launch the blog ultimately runs out of steam.
Instead of focusing on one thing he should actually also talk about things related to iPod's like Ipod games, software's and stuffs like this.

  • Only Money and nothing else
Many bloggers give up blogging saying that they are not earning anything, duh! So alternatively they start feeling bored on internet and blames things with which he played on his blog saying like this program is not working or it doesn't let you earn much; blah blah.

These are the most common things which lead to the abandoning of a blog. The simple truth is that making a popular blog requires time, focus and quite a lot of effort.

So, Take your time and build slowly. You will get your results on the long run...

This Blog Has Been Moved To Wordpress..So check Smart Bloggerz Here.

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Start Blogging said... @ February 8, 2009 at 7:35 PM

Bloggers should set realistic goals for themselves. They should know when to pursue and when to move on.

Nazz said... @ February 9, 2009 at 8:38 PM

You are right man.. i felt with same bored long time ago when i started my first blog. Always learn from others and write something that you really love to is the main key... or otherwise you will start to become 'copy and paste' blogger...

Nice entry and thanks for sharing

Laurel Santiago said... @ February 18, 2009 at 12:53 AM

Thank you! I am one that has been impatient in the past, but I'm just going to keep writing for my own benefit, and bless whomever and how many ever come to read it.

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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