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Guest Blogging TipsGuest Blogging means writing for free on other bloggers blog who have invited you to have a chance to write on their blog with your articles. You will hear many bloggers talking about search engine optimization techniques, importance of social networking sites, participating in forums, and commenting on other blogs for promoting your blog but only few mention the word 'Guest Blogging'.

Where to Search for blog?

To search for such blog's where you can write a guest post; first start building relationship with other bloggers in the blogosphere, So that when you have build up a good relationship with him you can easily request him to allow you to guest blog. You could also offer him to do the same.

Secondly,While writing guest post try to know the popularity and category of that blog. Always write on those blog which suits your style and you can easily write on it without any trouble.

What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging?

1. Traffic Increase
Guest blogging increases the exposure of your blog. When you submit your guest post to any popular blog, then chances are that you could get nice traffic from that place to your blog if your article is very good and interesting for the readers.

2. People Starts knowing you
Just like I said in one of my article that if you comment regularly the owner starts recognizing you. Similarly this happens in guest posting. When you write Guest Post after a particular interval of period on a blog then the true readers of that blog will start knowing you and if you write some superb articles then they will have great interest in your up-coming articles.

3. Helps in SEO
Guest Blogging, certainly is a good way for having some inbound links. It helps in ranking you better in search engines for good keywords. But while writing guest post don't get to involved in adding links pointing towards your blog but also maintain the quality.

What to write while doing Guest Blogging?

Blogging Tips While writing any guest post take some clues from that blog like about what the blog is more targeted on since people comes to read the same i.e in short Write with the blog’s target audience in mind.
  • Try writing more 'How to' articles since people want to learn from your blog.
  • When writing try some "killer Heading" which suddenly attracts readers attention.
  • Don't hide any information which is important, don't do like this that you will only share it on your blog so that the blog where you are writing doesn't gets popularity for that hidden thing which actually you told. Throw in all the information.

I hope this would have helped you to know properly what guest blogging means. If you are interested in writing guest post in my blog then Just Join SmartBloggerz Smart Authors Group!
What do you think of guest blogging? Have you ever did it? Please do let me know.

This Blog Has Been Moved To Wordpress..So check Smart Bloggerz Here.

Blogging Tips

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