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Well you might have heard of many Google Pagerank estimation tools on net which estimates your blog Pagerank on the basis of backlinks. But most of the times they are almost useless and doesn't predicts properly or are mostly down.

So today I will tell you about a thing which many of you might have not observed carefully but yes this thing is provided by Google which gives you a Pagerank estimation but not in numbers; it gives estimation in the form of stats(historogram).

So What is it?

The thing is called 'Google Webmaster Tool'. If you have signed up for this thing and have submitted your blog and also have verified it then you can easily get your Pagerank estimation by Google itself.

But How?
The thing is very simple. Just move into your Google Webmasters Account, there on the Dashboard, click on any of your listed blog whose Pagerank estimation you want to know.
After clicking on your respective blog, click on 'Statistics' which is listed on left hand side of your screen.
Then there, Click on 'Crawl stats' of that blog. Then scroll to the last, there you would see something like this:

As you can see a part of it is titled with 'The PageRank of your pages in Google'. This is what the thing we were looking for. Here you can see easily that how your pages are rated in Google plus it also tell the page of our blog with highest Pagerank every month.

So in this way you can come to know how much work your have to do to promote your blog to get the highest possible Pagerank.
According to my thinking; Pages with Pagerank 1-3 are categorized in 'low' ; Pages with Pagerank 3-6 are categorized as 'medium' and Pages with Pagerank 6-10 are categorized as 'Highest' but it's only my thinking.

I think we can easily belive on this tool since Pagerank is developed by Google and this cool thing is also developed by google. So there is almost very low chances that it gives almost poor estimatation.

So, what do you think about this cool thing?

This Blog Has Been Moved To Wordpress..So check Smart Bloggerz Here.

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Nihar said... @ January 17, 2009 at 9:36 AM

I have noticed this but have never focused on that before. Thanks for this info. From now i will see that stat carefully.

Krisditya said... @ January 17, 2009 at 11:44 AM

Hey Typhoon
I like where many people do not use this tool optimally. On the side as you have written above. The tool is also able to be used, among others, to detect links error 404.

Argument as follows:
In making Backlinks, sometimes the owner of a site URL to make this case we certainly influential in determining the Pagerank as a search engine can not identify the link? Because the search engine most likely not lead to an error page that is 404.

This often happens when the owner of another website or blog before editing and drastically change the file name. Sometimes this happens to change the name of the file does not deliberately go out of character or characters or adding he also forgot the new name given to the same but actually different. As a result, each person will pay a visit to your website or blog to get your blog or website visible on the web browser as a 404 error.

You can also use Google Webmasters this link to identify and assist you in search engine optimization efforts. And also using this tool, you will get the information needed to contact the site owner website or blog that has been wrong in making a link to the page of your blog or website. Why do not you take advantage of this tool? Because the search engine most likely not lead to an error page that is 404.

Regard said... @ January 18, 2009 at 10:10 AM

google just take away my PR4, and now give me PR3, :( after ask for reconsider, also no respond from them

Blogging ... said... @ January 21, 2009 at 7:50 AM

Nice Trick Dude ; We can find The PR of other pages in our blog also with this tool!

Thanks for this info ...

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