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NetKlix is one of the new and an alternative of Google Adsense. NetKlix is a Pay Per Click program which help you make money online when someone clicks on their ads through your blog just like Adsense. NetKlix is open to everyone so no country specific thing is their in this network.

Some Key Benefits as Publisher:

  • Easy Sign-up - I finished my sign up process in almost 5 minutes. It's only 3 step process.
  • Wide range of ad formats - It has almost 14 types of ad-formats to choose from.
  • Good Support Team - The support team is quick and friendly. They replied my mail within 24hrs.
  • Customizable - We can easily customize our ads colors according to our page and it blend so perfectly that it looks awesome!
  • Friendly with other - Yes, you can use NetKlix with other PPC sites on the same page.
  • Payment - The payment is made monthly once you cover the minimum payout of $150

What for Advertisers?

Advertisers are also have many benefits in this system. They have huge benefits like:
  • Sign-up only takes five minutes
  • It only takes five minutes to start advertising your site using our PPC network
  • You only pay for clicks from targeted content channels that you choose(more than 400+ channels to choose from)
  • Online account access at any time backed up by our experienced account management team
  • Low minimum deposit to open your account

free advertising vouchersEven they do have an offer currently going for which if you apply then you will get 100 pounds of Free Advertising. But hurry this offer ends on 1st February 2009!

Any Affiliate Program?

Yes! They do have an affiliate program for which you can apply for to make money online. But for this you should have a blog dedicated to online marketing, affiliate marketing or something similar to my blog.
make money onlineIf you also want to sign-up as an affiliate then you just have to send them a mail with your blog details.

I hope after signing-up for NetKlix you will enjoy using it. So, if you want to apply for NetKlix then just sign-up here asap. Do tell me how is/was your experience with this.

This Blog Has Been Moved To Wordpress..So check Smart Bloggerz Here.

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Nazz said... @ January 25, 2009 at 7:04 AM

Thanks.. I like your posts and infos, they are really usefull for me..

Thanks again and I'll follow you..

Typhoon said... @ January 27, 2009 at 3:27 PM

@Start Blogging

Yup, you can use NetKlix with adsense on the same page.

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