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The following post is a Guest Post by Taylor Thompson of Video Blogging Tips. Visit his blog for more Video Blogging Tips and Technology News.

I would like to begin by thanking Smart Bloggerz for allowing me access to his blog for postings. This is quite awesome and I greatly appreciate the opportunity.

As you guys probably already know, the best AdSense link colors are usually blue. The pros and Joel Comm himself will even tell you that a standard blue is the best blue for AdSense. However, this is no longer true.

I have been testing AdSense colors for a few months now and have actually found that the standard blue #0000ff gets a relatively low CTR.

This is probably due to either the

  • Color itself being outdated.
  • Color simply being too bright.
The more I read about this issue, the more I began to realize that many people have had similar findings. With that being said, what are some good AdSense link colors?

I have found that anything that blends well with your site usually works well. However, you've probably been told this a hundred times so let me go more into detail.

  1. Blend your AdSense background with your page background.
  2. Blend your AdSense border with your page background.
  3. Use the same link colors you use throughout your site for your AdSense ads.
  4. Make your URL and AdSense text colors black.
Finally, the best blue colors to use for your AdSense links usually consist of an off blue. Something that people aren't used to seeing.

Again, match your AdSense links with the links around your site. Don't forget to text-decoration:underline; your regular links. This will also make the ads blend a little better with your content.

This Blog Has Been Moved To Wordpress..So check Smart Bloggerz Here.

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Taylor said... @ December 18, 2008 at 12:55 AM

Thanks. For me, standard blues are just too bright. I don't know if it's like this for others, but when I use a color like this:

Things seem to work a lot better.

The Guru said... @ December 18, 2008 at 10:45 AM

I totally agree. I have been using standard blue color quite often. It suits to some templates (just like on Life is Delightful), but most often it looks dull and un-impressive. I liked this post very much and hence have posted it on my site with a link back to you. I hope this is okay! :)

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