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Well you might be knowing about the Global Financial crisis going on everywhere.If not then turn on your T.V channel you might get to that in news.US citizens surely knows about it.A quick review of Google Trends shows that the number of people searching for information relating to the ‘financial crisis’ or ‘global financial crisis’ has increased dramatically in the last month.Well going to the topic,I think these crisis are no going to over soon and due to which it is going to affect blogosphere specially those who are earning through advertising like adsense.

This is because business persons are not taking money out of their pockets for advertising through Internet.My own experience says that i have almost 20-25 % decline in adsense earnings.I have also seen serious drop in affiliate earning.I think the main reason would be that advertisers are taking away their affiliate ads up from the internet.I am really waiting that all these crisis stops as soon as possible.In US,young bloggers are not able to give time to blogging since their mums are shouting on them because of huge electricity bills in these crisis.

But I think Google who got huge loses in stock market is having lot of potential that they can deliver the proper income to bloggers by adsense.We’ll see a shake-out of small Internet services who can’t find a way to get their users paying for their service. I believe that it will be essential for small start ups to charge money as of day one to make it through this financial crisis.

At this time i can advise bloggers to write more and more specially(if possible) about Global Financial crisis as surfers are looking for the same content.Financial based keywords are also fairly solid performers when it comes to Adsense, so whacking up a few ad blocks should help turn over some coin also.

Well the article comes to close here.
The web ,and everybody working in the sector will notice the crisis, but new opportunities will arise and the web will come out stronger.

So what are your opinions about these financial crisis?Is it affecting your's blog income too?

This Blog Has Been Moved To Wordpress..So check Smart Bloggerz Here.

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