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Today,I added a Link Exchange Widget By I have tried a few blog link exchange programs such as EntreCard, Spottt, 125(something!!something) in which I like The Entrecard Only.All are the waste of time since Spottt team is god know exist or not ,as they did not reviwed my blog from 2 weeks due to which I got frustrated n removed tht stupid widget.

What makes BlogUpp! different?

  1. No signup. No email and privacy exposure
  2. No ad submission and no efforts
  3. No animation and annoying ads
  4. Multilanguage support
  5. Cheat-proof and fair sharing
  6. WordPress Blogger platform and alike friendly
  7. Targeted readers reach
  8. Welcome bonus for everyone
  9. Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9), it means for every 10 readers of your blog, your blog will be shown to 9 readers on other blogs (see the comparison table with BlogRush, EntreCard, Spottt)
  10. Move over the mouse to read
  11. Each link clicked in the widget opens a new window, not closing your blog
  12. SEO friendly link exchange, doesn’t aim to alter one’s PageRank

  13. And all this is completely FREE
Other misc advantages:

• SEO friendly link exchange, i.e. doesn't aim to alter one's PageRank;
• Although initially designed for bloggers, actually any website with enabled RSS can use the BlogUpp! service;
• BlogUpp! was designed on purpose to be unprecedentedly simple and easy-to-use, nevertheless it has a powerful engine, and it uses mighty techniques.

It is easy for you to get this work - first, enter your blog address, second, add the code to your blog. That’s all.

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New Update on 31st July

Blogupp have announced that from now , the BlogUpp! widget may be used in various sizes and layouts. This comes in response to community's request to provide a better fit of the widget in various blog templates. Dealing with it is simple, as usual. After specifying a blog's address, and once its code is generated, there becomes visible the one-click option to choose between:
Vertical layout (default), which fits in the sidebars of most blog templates;
Horizontal layout, for wider sidebars;
1-blog widget, showing only 1 blog at a time.

*The only thing that needs to be done in case of previously submitted blogs, is to re-enter the blog address at, choose the desired customization option, and get the renewed code to replace the previous one in the blog.

I really needed this thing n i have started using the horizontal layout which suits on my blog.

This Blog Has Been Moved To Wordpress..So check Smart Bloggerz Here.

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