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Your blog is a representation of who you are so it should be unique, right? The only problem is most free Blogger templates (if not all) are available to anyone so chances of you stumbling across another site that looks very similar to yours is going to be high. It’s like going to a party and bumping into another girl who’s wearing the exact same dress as you. It’s something you hate and try to avoid.

The good news is you can easily make your Blogger site unique just by changing or adding a header image. Usually that move alone will make your blog stand out from the crowd (as well as customizing your sidebar widgets).

free blogger header images

So here’s a couple header image sites I’d like to recommend to help you dress up and personalize your blog.

  1. 45 Free Beautiful Blog Headers - This is a great list compiled by Smashing Magazine. Some of the headers include the .psd source files so you can really customize the header if you’ve got Photoshop experience.
  2. Free Webpage Headers - A very nice collection of hundreds of 800 x 200 website headers which can easily be used for Blogger. Images are organized by category which makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for.
  3. Dreamstime - This is actually a pay for image site but they have a free images section you can benefit from. Click on the “Free Images” tab once you get to their home page.
  4. stock.xchng - By looking at the name of their site you wouldn’t think it was any good but looks can be deceiving. They’ve got thousands of free images that would work for your blog header or for inserting them into a blog post.
  5. Stock Vault - This free image site is dubbed the stock photo sharing website where designers and photographers can meet to share their images. Decent selection and more targeted towards designers but you might be able to find some goodies for your blog.
  6. FreeFoto - This last one is a bonus since the list was only supposed to be 5. It’s a pretty good site where you can find all sorts of images for your blog header, etc.

Premium Image Sites

Here’s some other sites that are great but you have to buy the images. In most cases it’s actually worth spending a few dollars just to get a perfect header image for your site. Remember, your blog is a representation of you so it’s a good idea to dress it up nicely.

fotolia logoshutterstock logocrestock logo

  1. Fotolia - This is my favorite stock image site since you can find some great unique blog header images for as little as $1. Easy sign up process and you buy credits once you setup your account.
  2. Stockxpert - Here’s another good one if you can’t find anything you like on Fotolia. Same plan since you pay per image starting at $1.
  3. Shutterstock - This site is different than others since you pay on monthly basis and can download up to 750 images over the course of 30 days. It’s great if you just need a ton of images in a short period. Sign up for one month, download your 750 max, and then cancel your account.
  4. Photo Library (also known as Index Stock) - It’s kind of hard to navigate their site but the images aren’t watermarked meaning you can right click and save them.
  5. Getty Images - This is truely the cream of the crop when it comes to high quality images. These images would be overkill for your personal blog but it’s still a beautiful site to check out.
  6. - Another great high-end photo download site. You pay $99 per month but can download as many photos as you want. This is a great package for small businesses or corporations looking for stock photos for their website.
  7. - They offer royalty free high quality stock photos and images but their price point is a little higher than I prefer. This site is more for the true professional looking for really high quality art for their site.

This list should give you more than enough sites of places to get free images for your blog. I’d love to hear if you’ve got some other sites our readers might be interested in as well. Also, if you’ve pimped out your blog with a new header image post your link below to share with everyone!

This Blog Has Been Moved To Wordpress..So check Smart Bloggerz Here.

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