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For every new blogger having a his new blog is really an interesting experience. You feel awesome when people reads your blog, people comment and you start getting recognition in the blogosphere.
Many people start blogging thinking that they will be the next Darren Rowse or Jeremy or some other inspirational blog in just few days. But when they come to know that they have not really got anything which they expected; they give up!..phew.

So why it is like this?

  • Lost Of Patience
One of the main reason could be that the blogger thinks that the blog will get millions of readers in just a couple of nights which clearly shows his impatience. They just do nothing in terms of blog optimizing or anything else which could increase it's readership base.

  • Being Specific
Second reason could be that they only focus only on one specific thing of that niche. For example a blogger starts a blog on iPod's then he just publishes articles about new iPod's launched by companies.
He doesn't thinks anything other than that and when there is nothing to share about any new Ipod launch the blog ultimately runs out of steam.
Instead of focusing on one thing he should actually also talk about things related to iPod's like Ipod games, software's and stuffs like this.

  • Only Money and nothing else
Many bloggers give up blogging saying that they are not earning anything, duh! So alternatively they start feeling bored on internet and blames things with which he played on his blog saying like this program is not working or it doesn't let you earn much; blah blah.

These are the most common things which lead to the abandoning of a blog. The simple truth is that making a popular blog requires time, focus and quite a lot of effort.

So, Take your time and build slowly. You will get your results on the long run...

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Now Finally I have decided that I will move to Wordpress Platform in coming months. The reason being that many of my friends are saying that your blog is awesome and are advising me that you should really shift to wordpress for more profitability.

Hopefully I will start on shifting process at the end of March since there are my final school board exams starting later this month and It would end on 28th March(phew).

Till that time I think I will work with this blog to gather more funds which I currently need something like $100; hopefully by advertising-affiliate sales and donations(luckily).

If you would like to help me in shifting to wordpress then please Donate some money from your wallet or you can also help me by advertising on my blog.

So, bye bye right now. See you tomorrow.

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make money online with adsenseAdsense is one of the most popular and first choice to make money online. But many times while registering to the Adsense; they don't tend to read those long 'Terms and Conditions'.

So, Today I will tell you some of the important Do's and Don'ts from those long TOS which you should always remember.

Do's for Adsense Publisher

  1. Try having a number of pages about different topics but related to your website. So, in that way you will have more ads to choose from and can possibly maximize your CTR.

  2. Always use keywords related to your topic. Higher paying keywords will mostly but not always give more rewards.

  3. Publish more and more unique articles rather than copying it from somewhere else. The more specific the content of your website is you will get more targeted ads on your website and it will be more effective also.

  4. Try various ad formats on your website and choose only those that suite your website the best, also try to place your ad block at such places where people looks mostly according to different templates; this thing is also referred as adsense Heat Map.

  5. Use Google channels to tracks your ad blocks performance. It will help to make money with adsense in a proper way.

Don'ts for Adsense Publisher

You should never try any fraudulent or deceptive methods for generating clicks on the ads of your website. Some of the methods that are strictly prohibited by Google AdSense are:

• Use of any Automated clicking programs
• Repeated manual clicks
• Using robots(script) to generate clicks
• Clicking your own ads (Google is Smart)
• Tricking your visitors into clicking on your ads by using fraudulent means

Never publish any article or post related to serious hacking, blackhat methods, adult, pirated stuffs and other such topics which are illegal in nature.

I hope you will always follow these Do's and Don'ts and google will never ban your account if you do so.

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Make Money Online in CrisisIn this period of recession, most people are being affected by it. Everyone wants to know how they can easily make money in this period of money crisis without much investments. WealthFromCrisis is the answer from me to make money in these crisis.

Lemme tell you what this package includes

  • Training Guides that expose the secrets behind the internet millionaires.
  • Training Videos to teach you step by step and turn you into an internet guru.
  • Ready made and profitable websites i.e you get access to well developed niche websites which includes many products which you need for making money easily.
  • You get an access to Private Monthly Conference Call where latest secrets and tips are exposed.
  • Plus you also get Unlimited training and 24x7 Support on phone.
See what members of this great system are saying...

This is only one example there are more such people who joined this program and are making money with it. You can watch more videos on the homepage here.

By purchasing this package you can easily make $500-$1,000/mo. You can try a trial of it just for $4.95 .Yes that's right, but you have to hurry since only 75 spots are remaining.

So Join Now!( Secret: You get many bonuses inside; don't tell anyone)

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blogging tipsA great way to expose your article on the search engines is to optimize your articles as if they were pages on your website. Here's how you can get an article ranked well and generate tons of traffic:

1) Go to Google Adwords' Keyword Suggestion tool and type in some general keywords in your niche.
search engine friendly articles
Look for a good Search Volume and copy those keywords into a spreadsheet or text document.

2. Search for those keywords in quotes on Google. For example, if your keyword is "dog training tips", that's exactly how I would input it in Google. Look for results of less than 2,000,000. These search terms are relatively easy to rank well for.

3. Write an article, optimized for those keywords.

4. Submit your article to the directories like ezine or goarticles.

5. Start building backlinks to your keyword optimized article(s) as if they were pages on your website.

You can try social bookmarking, blog posts, Hub Pages, Squidoo pages, etc. You will soon start getting some tasty placings for your article(s), and ultimately each article will start
milking more traffic easily.

Your goal is to have hundreds of articles out there. That's how you create massive traffic.
And massive traffic is how to create massive money!

I hope this article would have helped you in Creating A Search Engine Friendly Article.

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Yes, It have started happening right now just few minitues ago. If you search for any term; yes any term in google search you will see a short message that "This site may harm your computer."

OMG. It's really strange happening out here. My question is that is their any Hacking Attack over Google..Yes, it could happen.

See some screenshots of this strange situation:


Signing off..

It's been solved now.

See Official Google Blog for more info.

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